Fix Company File and Network Issues with QuickBooks File Doctor

In the process of working with QuickBooks, users might encounter certain errors, namely the company file damage, or network connectivity issue, and so on. These types of errors might trouble the QuickBooks users, until they are treated with the help of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. The problem of damaged company file and other network issues can easily be rectified with this amazing tool. Its name reflects its work, as it heals the damages and corruptions of QuickBooks files.

Not be known to many, QuickBooks file doctor tool can be helpful in dealing with various issues, namely:

  • Error -6000 -82, -6150, -6000 -305, -6000 -301, -6130, or Error -6147.
  • This tool is useful in case of a blank or missing customer, vendor, or employee lists.
  • Also, when the user encounters errors, H101, H202, H303, or H505.

In this blog, we have compiled the steps to use this tool and get rid of these errors. We expect that after going through this blog, you will be able to make the best use of the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. However, if you face any difficulty in using the tool, or you have any query associated with QuickBooks, then do not hesitate to get in touch with the QuickBooks Support team by dialing our toll-free number­­­­­ .i.e. +1-800-969-7370.

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Steps to Fix Company File and Network Issues

Step 1: To begin with, Download and Install QuickBooks File Doctor

Intuit QuickBooks file doctor tool - Screenshot
  • First of all, choose the button in order to download the File Doctor Tool. The installer should be saved somewhere that the user can easily locate it whenever required.
  • Now, open the file named QBFD.exe, the one that you have downloaded in the above step.
  • In order to install it, all you have to do is follow the steps that appear on your screen. Once the installation process completes, the tool will run on its own and if in case it doesn’t work, then double-click the File Doctor icon.

Step 2: In this step, Run the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

  • In the very first Window, from the drop-down menu, choose the company file, or the user can even search for the file.
  • After that, the user is required to pick the error that they need to scan:
    • In case, any specific error such as 6000, or -6150, etc. is detected, the user is required to opt for Check your file and network, and later on, press Continue. Depending upon the size of the file, the scan may take time.
    • Whereas, in case of Error H202, H505, and other related errors, the user is required to pick the Check network connectivity only option and then hit Continue. Well, this scan might take a few minutes.

Note: In case the QB user is using a newer version of QuickBooks Desktop, and is trying to mend the older company file, then the option to convert it will appear, though it is not mandatory. For that, the user is required to opt for Repair the file for your existing version of QuickBooks. If by any chance, the process doesn’t provide any positive result, then the user is required to go back and then look for the option Open the file in a newer version of QuickBooks, in order to update the file.

Remember that, once done with the updating process, the user won’t be able to open the company file in the older versions of QuickBooks.

  • Now, once the user is done with the above steps, enter the QuickBooks admin password, followed by selecting Next.
  • Considering where the user is running the file doctor tool, he/she is required to choose a path:
    • In case the computer is connected to the network, but doesn’t host the user’s company file, he/she has to choose Workstation. Also, the user is required to hit No, in case they receive a prompt stating to share their company file.
    • Whereas, if the computer system hosts the Company file of the user, then he/she is required to choose the option Server. Also, this option is to be preferred in case if the user uses the QuickBooks software on one computer only. In this case, if the prompt for sharing Company file appears, the user is required to select Yes.

As soon as the scanning process completes, the user needs to open QuickBooks and the company file. Even if the scan states it was unsuccessful, open the file.

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Step 3: Update and backup QuickBooks

Once the fixing process of the company file comes to an end, the user needs to back it up. With this step, the process of rectifying the errors with QuickBooks File Doctor tool comes to an end.

Also, the user should look for software updates, and install if any available, in order to get ahead of any kind of errors. With this, we come to the end of this article, with the hope that the readers are now well versed with the steps to use QuickBooks file doctor tool and rectify the respective errors.

In case you got stuck anywhere, or any of your queries remained unanswered, you can consult our team of professionals, by dialing our QuickBooks enterprise support toll-free .i.e. +1-800-969-7370, and they will provide you with the most relevant solutions.


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